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Protests Spark in Lancaster After ARMED Man Gets Shot By Police!

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests immediately sparked up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a 27-year-old man named Ricardo Munoz was shot by police. The obvious issue with the “protests” is that Munoz was armed with a knife. And not only was Munoz armed, but he also attempted to stab a police officer with the knife. Munoz apparently has a rap which includes an allegation of stabbing four people in Lancaster last year. It’s not quite clear why he wasn’t in jail for last year’s alleged crimes.

Police were initially called to a residence in Lancaster to remove Ricardo Munoz from the premises. The caller said Munoz was attempting to break in and he had gotten aggressive with his mother. When the police arrived, a woman came out of the door and stepped to the side. Munoz came out after her and immediately brandished his knife. The officer slightly retreated to get more space but he did immediately turn back around. At that point, Munoz was charging towards the officer with the knife in his hand. So the officer shot him at least two or three times. Munoz died shortly thereafter.

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Your Protest Is Misguided

Protesters immediately flocked to a Lancaster police station to voice their grievances. Cries of “Black Lives Matter” and “we want justice” could he heard from the crowd. And just a quick point here, Ricardo Munoz is Hispanic, not black at all. The crowd did not care about any facts of the case aside from the issue of a person who was shot by the police. To Lancaster Police Department’s credit, they released the body cam footage immediately. Some of the “protesters” left after that, but some of them did not.

Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and possibly other groups led a small armed rebellion against police in Lancaster. They used whatever they could find for their assault on police aside from actual handguns, which may or may not have been present. A “protester” (rioter) at one point said “we should shoot the cops!” Fortunately, that didn’t happen. But the rioters did throw all types of foreign objects. And they attempted to throw debris into the street as a pusedo-barricade between themselves and law enforcement.

Place The Blame Where It Belongs!

Ricardo Munoz died because of his own actions. There is no way around that simple fact. He would be alive and well today if he did not try to break into a home and then attempt to stab a police officer. This is not an example of “victim” blaming because Munoz is not a victim. He is a perpetrator. BLM, ANTIFA, and other groups don’t seem to care about these basic facts. They will continue to use the Ricardo Munoz types of the world as crash dummies while they execute their long-play goals.

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