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Rand Paul Takes Dr. Fauci Behind The Woodshed

The issue of reopening schools after the current pandemic sparked a near-viral moment between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Senator Rand Paul. This happened while Paul and Fauci participated in a virtual Senate hearing about coronavirus. Fauci phoned in through video conference while Rand Paul was live at the Senate.

Fauci expressed concerns over reopening before a proper vaccine is available. Paul rebuffed Fauci and spoke about underprivileged children missing a year or more of education.

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Paul raised quite a few good points during the exchange between himself and Fauci. His first point was the issue of Sweden. They continue to maintain low death and infection rates despite never having a shutdown. Early education remains open, although the American equivalent to high school is closed. Data about infection rates among young children were taken into consideration in Sweden, as it should be here in the United States.

It’s interesting how the left does not want to mention Sweden when they do things that center-right to right-wing people agree with. It’s almost as if the political and media left-wing doesn’t mind the county descending into chaos if it works in favor of their goals. But that’s a different story.

Anthony Fauci, of course, responded to Rand Paul in typical Fauci fashion. He may be best described as a double-headed snake. When Fauci is around Trump or anyone of right-wing importance, he speaks in a somewhat fair fashion. He does not try to undermine or embarrass them. When Fauci gets on the Sunday news chat shows, however, it’s a different story. Doom and gloom beyond comparison.

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Rand Paul made it a point to say that Dr. Fauci is not the “end-all-be-all” (as he is portrayed by the mainstream media). Fauci responded directly by saying that he never said he is the “end-all-be-all.” That’s true, but Fauci is in a power position and doesn’t utilize it to speak well of doctors and scientists with a different opinion than himself. An easy person to think of that Fauci could speak to is Doctor Rand Paul, an eye surgeon.

This story would not be complete without the inclusion of a leftist hate mob. Almost immediately after (and during) the exchange between Fauci and Paul, leftists began to attack Paul. One person tweeted that Rand Paul was “playing” a doctor on TV. Which is pretty funny considering that Paul is an eye surgeon (ophthalmologist). And he also caught the virus and survived.

Trump should replace Anthony Fauci with a team of guys from the private and/or public sector that know what they’re doing. Rand Paul appears to be a good candidate to go on that team. The #FireFauci crowd are getting louder and louder by the day. And at a certain point, ignoring them will not be an option.

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