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Rapper Cardi B Says Her Tenants Haven’t Paid Rent In 9 Months

Rapper Cardi B went live on social media and revealed that some of her tenants have not paid rent in the past 9 months. She says the process of taking these individuals to court is entirely too time-consuming and cumbersome to even bother with. The 31-year-old entertainer, who is married to fellow rapper “Offset” of The Migos, says she doesn’t want properties as gifts due to the high-stress load that managing them comes with. Her sentiments are shared by landlords across the country.

Several homeowners have had to deal with squatters, unruly tenants, delinquent tenants, and even local law enforcement who are prevented from doing anything to help. Delinquent tenants may become more and more of an issue with the liberalization of big cities happening while inflation is going through the roof.

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