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US And Qatar Block $6 Billion From Iran Over Hamas-Israel Conflict

The United States & Qatar are officially blocking Iran from accessing the $6 billion promised to them last month as part of a prisoner swamp. The money originally belonged to the Islamic Republic but was effectively frozen due to sanctions. So, when Iran negotiated a prisoner exchange with the United States, the deal included an “unfreezing” of $6 billion in funds from a bank in South Korea. The money eventually landed in a secured bank account in Qatar that the United States controls.

Iran must request the money for specific things and the US has to approve it. For example, if Iran wants to buy food and medicine with some of the money, they send a request, and the US will pay vendors from that fund who will then deliver the product to Iran. As a result of Iran’s alleged involvement with the recent attack on Israel from Hamas, the US will not approve any requests from Iran in the foreseeable future.

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This is seen as a positive development by some people due to being punitive for any alleged involvement in the Israel conflict with Hamas. Others see it as a day late and a dollar short because there should have never been a prisoner swap with money in the first place. Others say that this comes off as vengeful and unethical because a deal was made and the US reneged.


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