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Rapper DaBaby Cancelled Over “Anti-LGBT” Lyrics. Hypocrisy?

Rapper DaBaby has essentially been cancelled over “anti-LGBT” comments made at the “Rolling Loud” concert. At some point during his performance, DaBaby stopped to give a few “shoutouts”. He spoke to a few specific groups, including people who live an LGBT lifestyle and also those who have certain diseases like HIV/AIDS. Of course, his shoutouts were crude, but that’s no different than rap music culture in general. He spoke the same way he is known for rapping. However, once the LGBT community got hold of what he said, cancel culture began to rear its ugly head.

A wide range of celebrities from Elton John to Questlove of The Roots descended upon DaBaby for his controversial comments at Rolling Loud. Although the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper has twice apologized for his “offensive” comments, it appears like it is never enough. The more he apologizes, the more backlash comes in his direction. DaBaby has been dropped off of several major concerts including Lollapalooza and dropped from endorsement and clothing deals. The overreaction to comments from DaBaby (Jonathan Kirk) illustrates a fundamental problem with social media, the music industry, and cancel culture.

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DaBaby is not a family-friendly rapper. There is no shortage of violent and profane lyrics found within his music. None of that prevented him from being a chart-topper appearing on late-night shows like Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. Concerts and clothing brands had no problem linking themselves to him when the lyrics spoke about killing black people and selling drugs. But when the LGBT community feels offended, a successful cancel campaign is launched. This must make the average observer wonder, who is the most important on the scale of “oppressed peoples”? Who’s “plight” is most significant in this country. The fallout happening here, in the context of violent rap culture, paints a clear picture of class relevance.


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