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Rapper Sean Kingston Raided By Police And His Mother Was Arrested

Police raided the Florida home of rapper/singer Sean Kingston, and they arrested his mother at the house. She was taken away in handcuffs on suspicion of fraud. Kingston was not home and was subsequently arrested in California for essentially the same charges. Kingston allegedly used his celebrity and prior work with Justin Bieber to pretend he could afford expensive things. His rented Florida mansion had all the trappings of success visible from the outside. A fleet of cars lined the front of the home. A lawyer representing one of the companies who says Sean Kingston defrauded them says that the singer probably has a million dollars worth of watches and a 232-inch television. Much of his material possessions with value may be taken away soon due to his staggering amount of purposefully unpaid bills and debt.


Sean Kingston reacts to mother’s arrest during SWAT raid at his South Florida home – CBS Miami

Police raid Florida home of singer Sean Kingston and arrest mother

Sean Kingston: Police raid home of singer accused of not paying for huge TV

Sean Kingston’s mom arrested after cops raid Florida mansion – NBC 6 South Florida

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