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Ricky Gervais In Trouble Over Trans Jokes In Netflix Special “Super Nature”

Comedian Ricky Gervais has found himself in trouble with a select few people over “trans” jokes in his new Netflix Special “Super Nature”. The media outlet “The Independent” rated the special two stars out of five. Their opinion is that Gervais simply took tasteless shots at the LGBTQ+ community for cheap laughs from the audience. A sixty-second clip from “Super Nature” has essentially gone viral online… and it is that clip that is causing so much controversy. Some of the language used in the clip to refer to “trans” people is harsh. However, the “harsh” language is not unlike any other joke Gervais has told about other people and other things. Another clip from the Netflix special gives more context to the “shocking” jokes. Gervais says that he refuses to exclude people of the LGBTQ community from his material because he treats them the same as everyone else. Maybe certain people want to be exalted above others that they view as inferior or undeserving of breathing the same air.


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  1. Gervais is hilarious. Kudos to him (and again oddly enough Netflix) for not giving a shit about what poor little pathetic American sexual deviant snowflake retards think or say. Youve had your little fun with the hollyweird media and the nations childrens minds and genitals, enough is enough. Go back to your closets freaks.

  2. Youre wrong. Ages ago nobody cared. it was an amusement factor and nothing more. There is real reason why no languages anywhere in the world prior to 20th century English even had a word for “gay”. Its a novelty. Attention seeking outcasts. Losers. That sort of thing, same as today. “I’m gay!”… “I’m trans!”.. that is until the local hottie wants to get in your pants, then its.. “I’m bi!”.. “I’m fluid!”.. if the richest PERSON in the world wants in your pants, gives you everything you ever dreamt of, plus a plump ass or cock whatever it may be, etc etc etc to no end, youre gonna be whatever they want you to be. i.e., mental illness. Period. Sexual deviants should be put down. You want it at birth?


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