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NBA Head Coach Steve Kerr Goes Off On Uvalde Shooting, Storms Out Of Press Conference

NBA head coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors went on a tirade about the Uvalde school shooting during a recent press conference. An 18-year-old male by the name of Salvador Ramos shot and killed 19 elementary-school-aged children and two, possibly three adults. Ramos also shot his grandmother in the face before he went on this rampage but as of the writing of this article, she has not died. The shooter himself is also dead after being engaged by police after they received a call. There is no known motive for the shooting, currently. Ramos did, however, reach out to a random girl through text by sending her cryptic messages about his guns and a possible shooting. It is not known how Ramos obtained his weapons.

Steve Kerr had quite a bit to say about the Uvalde shooting. His comments came during what was supposed to be a press conference about his upcoming basketball game. The Warriors are in the playoffs facing off against the Dallas Mavericks. They are currently playing in the Western Conference Finals. If the Warriors win this series then they’ll advance to the NBA finals for a chance at a championship. Kerr was not interested in speaking about the game of basketball at all. His focus was directly on the Uvalde shooting. He was very passionate when saying that something needs to be done. Kerr specifically focused on universal background checks, pointing the finger at “50 Senators” (presumably just Republicans) who refuse to vote on it.

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One thing that must be mentioned here is that Steve Kerr may have a personal vendetta against guns. His father was killed back in 1984 while in Beirut, Lebanon serving as President of the American University of Beirut. A group of Islamic militants killed him with suppressed firearms right outside of his office. Steve Kerr was 18 at the time and in college before his illustrious NBA career with the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan. The assassination of his father most likely remained with him throughout his life. So whenever there is a “mass shooting”, it may bring up old, but not necessarily distant, memories.

Having personal feelings about gun violence does not make one an expert, however. Kerr may be in favor of “universal background checks” or even outright banning weapons, but he is also in favor of removing armed police from schools. If Kerr were to have his way, then teachers, students, and regular citizens outside of school would be totally defenseless against the pre-existing criminal element in this country. Criminals would simply import their guns through the wide-open southern border or use one of the 325,000,000 guns that already exist in the hands of United States citizens. The end result of all of this “gun control” talk would be a much more vulnerable United States population.


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  1. Anthony Logan, you are trying to rebute a statement made by the coach of a sports team. He is not a politician. There is a political issue and reason why these mass shootings continue to happen. You are purposly conflicting his opinion by implying that background cheks will not do anything to help keeping guns from reaching the hands of people that shouldn’t be able to own one. At no time di Steve Kurr suggested removing all of the arms from citizens. What world are you living in sir?

  2. Welcome to America! Another day, another mass shooting. We’re at what, 300 (4+ murdered) incidents for the year now? I guess that mexican shooter didnt get the memo, this weeks mass murder quota had already been surpassed dumbass.

    And dont ya just love how 390 cops, armored vehicles, helicopters, bomb squad, swat, fbi etc etc etc show up after the fact costing millions of dollars each and every time one of these shootings occurs. and then tens of millions more will be spent on investigations, civil and criminal trials, payouts and payoffs etc etc etc. And for those criminals convicted, a lifetime of tax funded appeals, meals, bed, education, health care, entertainment etc etc etc costing in excess of $3,000,000. per legal case alone in texas + another $700,000 average per year of incarceration. So basically an average cost to taxpayers of about $50,000,000. per incident, 1.5 mass murder incidents PER DAY average. How could we better spend that cash, even just a tiny fraction of it, to prevent future mass murders? Hmm…

    Heres one solution, stop sending your kids to public school FFS. Anti-white Buffalo Soldier hypocritical racist CRT? Check. Sexual deviant tranny fag brainwashing indoctrination? Check. Future diabetic worse than jail slop lunches? Check. Eliminated higher learning expedited honors classes in favor of anti-white racist equity? Check. The worst ranked education system in the first world? Check. The most violent public school system in the world with mass murder shootings every week? Check. I mean really, whats not to love!

    And dont even get me started on guns. “Freedom” blah blah blah.. if the govt decides to annihilate citizens, your peashooters aint gonna do shit dumbass. You dont need a gun to go to the grocery store and get food dumbass. the domestic homicide death toll alone since Biden took office is higher than the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars COMBINED. We spend trillions of dollars on each of these pointless wars overseas that yield absolutely nothing in the end, but right here at home more people are dying and nothing is being done about it.

    And before anybody brings it up, nearly 1.5 x more whites are killed by police each year than blacks. Per capita 2.5 x more native American Indians are killed by police than blacks. So much for your delusional race theory.

    Its not even june yet and we’re once again breaking records in the mass murder dept. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! YES! Get’n mine!

  3. Rick Fernandez, you sound like a typical American brainwashed idiot. None of this ends until extreme harsh punishment is re-enacted nationwide. I am talking about public torture and executions within weeks, if not days of incidents. I am talking about mandatory inmate funded incarceration. I am talking about life sentences without parole for non registered gun possessions and any violent and/or sexual deviant offenders. I am talking about factual historical education ie the truth about slavery and how Africans started the trade and continue to profit to this day. I am talking about anti-white for profit propagation of native Indian and Hawaiian mass genocide enslaving Buffalo Soldier hypocritical history rewriting lies. Oh and perhaps a Native Indian president running things for once? Hmm… That would just be the start to fixing out country. Now GFYS pathetic dumbass.

  4. @ABL where is the article on that muppet Obama attempting to compare and link that useless druggie street thug convict George Floyd to this mass murder of children? What a racist imbecilic moron. What an embarrassment. The rest of the world is watching in real time as the USA self implodes. I am ashamed to be American.

  5. The truth is that the school door was unlocked, no armed security, cops arrived and did nothing but sit outside the school gates awaiting more cops, for 1 hour!!! The whole time they would not let parents go in to save their children, actually tasering, tackling and arresting them, and all of this occurring before he started murdering all of the kids. What a disgusting group of cowards, yet the media is trying to hide facts and make them out to be heros! This is going to bankrupt the state of Texas, 100’s of tax funded govt employees will lose jobs, and I am happy about all of it!

  6. Just love how he goes from kids to asians to blacks… aaand background checks. LOL. um hello, criminals dont get checks and fyi whites are dying more than anyone else too you dumb wanna-be political operative tranny.

    Hey abl, fyi the usa makes up just a tiny 4% of the world population – we are NOT the world. whats happening here is NOT the world.

    If prisons can keep criminals in, why cant schools keep them out?

  7. Hi everybody. im retarded and trans and black and racist and chickenshit and illiterate and fat and ugly. Bye everybody 🙂

  8. Hi everybody. im retarded and trans and black and racist and chickenshit and illiterate and fat and ugly. Bye everybody 🙂


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