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Ron DeSantis Causes Woke Family To Flee Florida Over New Policies

Ron DeSantis has apparently caused at least one family to flee the state of Florida over his most recent policy decisions. The family has a transgender “daughter” who expresses feelings of fear and sadness because of Ron DeSantis.

The Florida Governor has implemented policies to prevent and/or eliminate minors from obtaining gender reassignment surgery and “therapies” that include hormone treatments. The mother and father of the transgender youth also express anger and discontent with the Governor. They say they want the best for their child.

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CNN did a segment on the family to understand their reasonings for leaving. They also documented the packing and moving process. There were quite a bit of wooden Uhaul boxes that will probably get loaded on a truck to head to parts unknown. Clearly, they have plenty of money to make such a move in this fashion. This is something the family acknowledged. They said that moving to another place is affordable, but other families don’t have it so easily.

Not many families with money are actually moving out of the Sunshine State, though. It is actually quite the contrary. Florida is currently experiencing an unprecedented population boom. Most of the people who are leaving Florida are doing so because the cost of living has gone up due to an extreme demand for jobs and housing. A very insignificant portion of the population is leaving due to political disagreements with Governor Ron DeSantis.


CNN on Twitter: “”I never thought that I would have to flee a state.” This family of four living in suburban Florida shares why they are packing up to leave.” / Twitter

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