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Chicago Residents Of Woodlawn Community Harrassed By Migrants

Chicago residents of the majority-black Woodlawn area have allegedly been threatened and harassed by migrants sheltered in a former elementary school. The Wadsworth Elementary building currently houses nearly 600 “migrants” which is near the top of all shelters in terms of migrant capacity in Chicago. Two other shelters have around one thousand migrants each. There are also police stations filled with these people. The issue with Wadsworth is the lack of security and the troublemakers who are now threatening, and sometimes fighting local residents. The usage of this building as a migrant shelter has been controversial for quite a while. Especially since over one hundred million dollars were allocated to assist the migrants just a few weeks ago.


After clash of Wadsworth residents and Woodlawn neighbors, city administration vows to ‘get things right’ | Evening Digest |

Neighbors in Woodlawn frustrated with migrant shelter ‘disruptions’ – YouTube

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