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Ron DeSantis Responds To Trump’s Negative Comments Toward Him

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to negative comments from former President Donald Trump that were made on “Truth Social”. The newly-reelected Governor appeared to be taking questions at some sort of event from reporters when the inevitable question came up.

A reporter asked DeSantis how he felt about Trump’s preemptive strikes upon him. The reporter also asked DeSantis about another potential Trump Presidential campaign in 2024. DeSantis actually refrained from addressing Trump directly and, instead, he spoke about attacks upon his character in a more general sense.

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Governor DeSantis dismissed the barrage of negativity coming toward him from the media and others as “nothing but noise”. He also stated that any critics should check the scoreboard from Tuesday night, referring to the results of the Florida midterm elections which were overwhelmingly successful for the GOP. This was a masterful way to respond to attacks from prominent figures like Donald Trump.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin also responded to negative comments from Trump a few days ago. Youngkin had a similar approach to DeSantis. He avoided mentioning Trump and simply stated that his character is not to attack anyone and that he focuses on the task at hand instead.


TheBlaze on Twitter: “Glenn Youngkin responds to Trump’s attacks against him on Truth Social.” / Twitter

Washington Free Beacon on Twitter: “#BREAKING: DeSantis responds to Trump “All that’s just noise. What really matters is, are you leading … are you delivering results … I would just tell people to go check out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night.”” / Twitter

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