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Texas Teacher Fired Over Racist Conversation With Students

An unidentified white male teacher from Pflugerville, Texas ISD has been fired after a racially charged conversation with students has gone viral. The Austin suburb middle school teacher was presiding over an advisory class. It is unclear how the conversation started, but the video picks up when racial issues are being discussed. The teacher says “deep down in my heart, I am ethnocentric which means I think my race is the superior one”. A little later in the short video, a student confronts him by repeating his words that were repeated off-camera.

The student said, “you said that you are racist”. The teacher agreed and confirmed that he had said it. Parents and students alike were outraged. So were millions of people who viewed the clip online. One of the prevailing comments made about the clip is that they do recognize the teacher was being honest and probably attempting to have an honest dialogue with the kids. However, his statements are inappropriate and unwelcome. The still-unidentified teacher was initially put on unpaid leave pending an investigation. He has now been outright fired.

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  1. “African” American (as if) people are always talking about skin color and how proud, strong, independent, cultured, educated, innocent, good and deserving they are, but just as soon as anyone else does the same they cry foul and play the victim. I’m sick of the double standards galore. Who sends their kid to public school anymore anyway?!

    Between CRT, tranny story time, the worst educational standards and results in modern history and lets not forget the weekly mass shootings, I mean whats not to love?! At this point it is literally child abuse. “Pfff” is right.


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