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Ron DeSantis Scolds Disney Corporation Over Resistance To Parental Rights Bill

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was met with a heavy round of applause after his harsh criticism of the Disney Corporation. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is actually called the Parental Rights In Education Bill, has been labeled as a hindrance to “basic human rights” by Disney in a memo. The bill is actually supposed to protect very young children in K-12 education with an emphasis on K-3. Certain LGBTQ+ groups have taken issue with the bill due to some of the language found inside. Disney is apparently listening to those groups and is now taking action against Florida, causing Ron DeSantis to speak out against them.

Disney has spoken out against the “controversial” bill because it bars children in grades K-3 from receiving education about gender identity and sexual orientation. For example, the concept of “transgenderism” cannot be introduced to kindergarteners under any circumstances. For children in grades 4-12, certain gender/sexual orientation issues may be discussed only if they are developmentally appropriate. There must be a specific reason to teach a classroom about sensitive topics that, quite frankly, many adults don’t know much about. Some of the more “extremist” LGBTQ organizations appear to have an issue with that when there shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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CEO of Disney Bob Chapek apologized for a memo that initially came out addressing the bill. In the memo, Disney stated that they stand with their LGBTQ employees & team members. But the memo did not issue any sort of statement denouncing the bill in its entirety. This did not sit well with some LGBTQ organizations, hence the apology. And simply apologizing wasn’t enough. Disney took the action of pausing all political contributions in Florida until some issues can get worked out. DeSantis made the point about Disney heavily focusing on children’s entertainment. Why would such a family-friendly, youth-oriented company have such an issue with a bill that protects children and families? Maybe something else other than the well-being of children is motivating Disney and if one simply follows the dollar, they will find the source.


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  1. The definition of the word –>propaganda look up the definition my fellow Americans, before this gets changed by the propaganda machine in Washington. Since when in Amerika are WE (the taxpayers) not allowed to differ in opinions, about ANY subject matter, without being branded as a traitor, racist, domestic terrorist, conspiracy theorist, anti-lgbtqxyz, If you want to go the political route, then look at a true Democratic model –>Joe Manchin D-W.V. — and both political parties are guilty of this seemingly perpetual decline of the moral fabric of our society. As someone having fought to defend this great country, and witness my fellow comrades spill blood and lose their lives–>was and is so we can enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Simply keep the special interests groups, wierd lifestyles, or whatever you choose to do to yourselves, don’t try and force this nonsense/ideologies/weirdness down others whom disagree, like we are witnessing today. You can back a tiger in a corner for only so long.


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