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Trevor Noah Says World Leaders Don’t Respect Joe Biden As They Respected Trump

Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, says that world leaders would answer his phone calls unlike what’s happening with Joe Biden. A story broke to the news that the Saudi Prince refused a phone call with the current US President. This is not only embarrassing but terrible for homeland security if true.

The conflict in Ukraine combined with bad domestic decisions leaves the United States in a vulnerable state from an economic viewpoint. Gas at the pump is at an all-time high and this will worsen the current issue of inflation. Saudi Arabia, as a world leader in oil/gas production, is an essential ally to the United States. So if they aren’t answering phone calls then that signals a serious issue for the US.

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Trevor Noah made the point that the Saudi Prince, and any other world leader, would not refuse a phone call with President Trump. Of course, Noah delivered his point in a comedic fashion since that is the angle of his show. Noah made rock-solid points through this subdued comedy routine that cannot be ignored. The main point expressed here is that Trump was erratic enough to command a certain level of respect. World leaders also recognized Trump as an actual leader and not a puppet of men greater than himself.


Biden snubbed by Saudi crown prince, Emirate sheikh, WSJ reports

White House denies claim that Saudi prince refused Biden’s call on Ukraine

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  1. Wow. This is a really weak attempt to stir up fanaticism and hate. Clearly, Trevor Noah is poking fun at Trump for his lack of respect on the world stage. The joke being the worst you’d get from Trump is a nasty tweet or some hyperbolic action like banning a nation to look tough but both not amounting to much in truth.

    Obviously, you know this which is why you’re trying to spin it into a positive for Trump and a negative for Biden—unless you’re really are that dense.

    Given the history of Trevor Noah ripping on Trump, it’s highly doubtful he was praising Trump.

  2. As many years that the Dems investigated the Russian Hoax, seems like the Dems had more contact with Russia and its cronies than DJT. Thats what isn’t sensible– Keep up the awesome work ABL. Call them out, as all of us true Patriots, which have been backed into the corner, and are now responding as needed. Usually when liars point out an issue, its their exact lie they will carry out.

  3. I also believe the Ukraine problem is a crisis that The left simply will take advantage for some domestic agenda- They have actually been recorded saying that statement—-where are the Pelos’s, Schumer’s and what are they speaking out about to help resolve this issue? Woke, blaming, You’re right ABL, its so very obvious what’s happening

  4. obama, self centered narcissistic racist pos. biden, see obama + brown nosing (literally) senile idiot. trump, clown. bushes, cringey opportunistic idiots. clintons deviant greedy cvnts. folks, its a lost cause. 21st century america is the laughing stock embarrassment of the world.

  5. What id like to know is wheres this weeks news about blm leaders being indicted, again? you wanna talk about race and all this anti-straight-white-male political bs, then lets go all the way and discuss the real issue at the core.. numerous founding members and leaders of this racist group who’ve been charged and/or already locked up for defrauding donors, the govt and ultimately the 88% NON-black tax payers footing all the bills. These racist POS scum using tax payers money to buy themselves vacations, mansions, yachts, strip clubs, jewelry, drugs, cars, guns.. Pathetic Buffalo Soldier hypocrites, you are not immune to accountability.


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