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Rutgers University Bans Student From Online Classes Over Vaccine Mandate

A 22-year-old student was essentially banned from attending online classes at Rutgers University over their vaccine mandate policy. Logan Hollar attempted to pay tuition and log into his email before the start of the fall semester and was unsuccessful. He later learned that his access to these things was disabled due to his noncompliance with the mandate. Rutgers would like the public to think that their mandate is to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. But how does that line of reasoning make sense for a person who will only take remote courses from his home 70 miles away?

Logan Hollar’s mother is fully vaccinated and came to her son’s defense. While she does think that everyone should “trust the science”, she doesn’t believe “the science” says that the virus travels through computer monitors. This is a very straightforward and obvious take to make. Rutgers University, however, appears to disagree. Their explanation of Logan’s inability to pay for his fall courses stems from the type of degree he is on track to receive. Again, if this is strictly about science and nothing else, then the type of degree someone is on track to get has nothing to do with virus transmissibility.

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There is an ongoing appeal process to determine whether Logan Hollar will be able to pay for and attend classes this fall at Rutgers. Hollar says that he may need to transfer if this situation does not play out in a favorable way. Several other students across the nation may be in the same situation he is in. At least one other student at Rutgers is in the same boat as Logan Hollar. All of the students facing this same issue will probably be better off transferring. Surely there are other schools that will take thousands of dollars from exiled students to simply sit at home and take online courses to finish their undergrad degrees.


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