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San Francisco Homeless Man Gets Into Debate With Random Passerby

A homeless man in San Francisco got into an interesting debate and/or debate with a random passerby who was recording him. The unidentified man in a vehicle pulled up to the homeless man with his phone out. The homeless man gave him the proverbial “finger” which, of course, the driver didn’t like. He asked the homeless man why the finger was given, and he responded with the question “why are you taking my picture?” The passerby stated that the man should have some housing. For context, the homeless man was sitting in an old chair on top of a patch of filth near the sidewalk. The homeless man responded with “I don’t want housing!”

Many of the bleeding heart liberals in a place like San Francisco think that the solution to homelessness is housing and direct financial assistance. In reality, those programs do not work, and, if anything, they intensify the issue of homelessness. Most visible homeless people in major liberal cities are simply on drugs. There are groups of homeless who are simply going through rough patches in life, but these are not the people sitting in patches of garbage, essentially stewing in the gutter of the city. These people are simply drug addicts. Homeless shelters and other housing have rules against people using drugs. Obviously, these sorts of rules are not appealing to drug addicts.

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