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Senator Dick Durbin Says Illegal Aliens Should Join US Military

Democratic Senator Durbin from Illinois says that illegal aliens and other undocumented immigrants should be able to join the military. This topic came about during a Congressional conversation about the Southern Border Crisis. Durbin cited legislation drafted by his colleague from Illinois which outlines the process for undocumented migrants to gain citizenship through military service. The goal is to find some relief to the border crisis and also to shore up disappointing military recruitment numbers. Durbin says the Army, Navy, and Air Force are failing to reach their quotas each month and this legislation could fix that problem.

Obviously, employing undocumented immigrants in the United States Military poses a serious security risk. Thousands of war-aged males are flooding into the United States through the Southern Border nearly every day. Chinese are often caught in groups of dozens and hundreds at the border. There have been Chinese-born US military officials charged with spying for China in recent years. However, the suggestion from Durbin and his colleague isn’t anything new. George W. Bush enacted a program to fight “The War On Terror” that is just the same as what is now being proposed. Undocumented non-citizens were recruited to join the military in exchange for US citizenship. This program existed until 2016 when the Obama administration put a stop to it.

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