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Shaun King Allegedly Tried To Scam Using The Israel Hamas Conflict

Notorious internet personality and social justice activist Shaun King has been accused of using the Israel/Hamas conflict to scam people. This comes on the heels of King being accused of receiving funds inappropriately from Black Lives Matter-related causes. Two hostages were freed from Gaza and released into Israel over the weekend.

King posted on Instagram after the release and claimed that he was instrumental in the process. He thanked a variety of people, including the Qatari Government, for the release of two hostages. King stated that the women were fans of his, that he knew them, and that they supported his social justice movements in the United States. The released women responded to King’s claims, saying they had never heard of him before until they read social media posts saying he got them released.

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King then sort of… revised his story to say that the hostages’ half-brother had contacted him during the time they were still captured. The half-brother did admit to contacting him, but he said he contacted everyone that he could out of desperation. He does not know Shaun King. This appears to be yet another attempt at Shaun King trying to build up his name and celebrity over a lie or a half-truth at best.


Disgraced BLM activist Shaun King says he helped free American hostages released from Gaza and knows them personally, hostages say they never heard of him | The Post Millennial |

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