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Sheila Jackson Lee Might Be The Dumbest Person In Congress

Sheila Jackson Lee made perplexing comments about the moon and the sun during a solar eclipse event in Texas. The 74-year-old Harvard Law School graduate has been a House Rep from Texas for nearly 30 years. Her personal accolades and level of education would make one think that she understands the basics of the solar system. Unfortunately, that may not be the case if we are to judge her recent comments about the makeup of the moon.

The Democratic House Rep stated that the moon is mostly made of gases, which could make human life difficult. Lee then said that the moon is more “manageable” than the Sun, which is way too hot for humans to get close to. Of course, Republicans and general science enthusiasts hopped on her comments, which were live-streamed to Twitter, for a round of healthy critique. Lee responded with a few tweets, saying that Republicans are worried about the wrong thing and that she obviously misspoke.

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