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Southwest Passenger Throws A Fit Over Crying Baby In Viral Video

A passenger on a Southwest flight threw an epic fit over a crying baby. His minutes-long meltdown was captured on TikTok and has gone viral on the social media platform. Other platforms have picked it up and the video now has tens of millions of views. At the time of the video, the flight was in a holding pattern off the coast of Florida due to bad weather. Flight attendants did their best to calm the man down, who began to scream and fuss worse than the baby.

Eventually, the plane landed and the man was asked to get off. He refused, so everyone on the plane had to get off. Another video shows the man in the airport terminal continuing to make his case about the crying baby. Commenters have chimed in from around the world giving their two cents on the matter. Some say the man was right and everyone feels the same way as him while others say that a baby is a baby and there isn’t much that can be done sometimes to calm them down.

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