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Baltimore Mother Exposes Violence In The City And Takes Responsibility

A Baltimore mother gave an interview to local news in which she exposed the violence in the city while taking personal responsibility. The woman told a story about her son being jumped by a local gang for refusing to join. She went on to say that her 17-year-old son got his hands on an uzi and took it to a local school with plans on getting revenge. The mother found out about his plans and physically went to the school and took him home. She later moved to Hagerstown, Maryland which is about 75 miles away from her previous Baltimore neighborhood.

This interview came on the heels of a 12-year-old being shot and killed in the city. This 12-year-old had previously threatened her 17-year-old with a gun and may have been part of the gang that jumped him. The 17-year-old’s mother went to the 12-year-old’s mother with this information before the younger boy was shot and killed by other people. Obviously, not much was done because the young boy wound up dead a short time later.

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The mother who appeared on the news says she spoke to other mothers in the city and tried to get them more involved in their children’s lives, to no avail. She says they were more concerned with partying and drinking than looking after their own children. Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and Baltimore State’s Attorney Ivan Bates echoed those sentiments.

During a press conference after recent violence in the city, both the Mayor and State’s Attorney pushed the focus on parents. They said that there is only so much the city can do to police children and that parents need to step up. While those words are all good and well, they don’t mean much when recent measures have been taken to reduce the penalty for crimes committed by underage people – the very same people who are committing the most violent crime in the city.


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