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Starbucks To Close Over A Dozen Stores Due To Lack Of Safety

Starbucks will close 16 stores in the United States due to the safety concerns of employees at each location. Exclusive footage from an internal Starbucks meeting shows CEO Howard Schultz confirming that the stores are profitable. So this is not an issue of money. The stores are closing due to what appears to be an erroneous decision made back in 2018. So far, locations in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, and Philadelphia will close. Howard Schultz says that this is just the beginning and more stores will close soon for the same reason as the first few.

This all started back in 2018 when a group of black men was denied entry into a Philadelphia Starbucks bathroom. The men were just hanging out in the store and had not purchased anything. When they asked to use the restroom, they were told they had to buy something first. When they refused to buy anything and continued to hang around, it became trespassing. The police were eventually called and the men were forced out. This event was recorded and blasted on social media. And of course, the men were painted as victims, and Starbucks was painted as the villain. Accusations of racism were thrown about even though Philadelphia’s black police commissioner supported the actions of his officers that day.

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Starbucks responded to the negativity by ultimately bypassing its own bathroom rules. No longer would a customer need to do anything to get a bathroom key and everyone would be allowed in. This move was obviously dangerous from the beginning because of the criminal element that it invites. Drug addicts and generally homeless people will obviously take advantage of a Starbucks in a prime downtown location where bathrooms are not easily accessible. Everyone knows that drug addicts will congregate in wide-open bathrooms to use drugs, take baths, or do whatever else they want to do. And because they’re on drugs, they won’t be in the right state of mind. This exact scenario has played out in several Starbucks across the country and now the only option is to close. Managers at all other Starbucks have been given the option back to close off bathrooms or restrict access to them at their own discretion.


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