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Teacher Recalls Story Of Student Identifying As House Cat

A substitute teacher uploaded a video to TikTok claiming she was asked to “meow” at a student who identified as a cat. The woman went on to say that if she did not follow through with their request then she would essentially be let go. She did not elaborate on what happened afterward but there are a couple of options here. The first is that she refused to “meow” back at the student making random cat noises in the class and she was not brought back as a sub… at least not to that particular school. The second is that she went back to the class and gave a nice loud bodega cat “meow” to the student in question.

Some people left comments questioning the validity of the story. The general sentiment is that the story is entirely too far-fetched to be real. But is it? Students nowadays may identify as another gender and enter the restroom of their choices depending upon what state they live in. Parents have spoken out against this behavior citing the fact that it will cause assaults to happen. And of course, assaults (especially of girls) have happened due to these new rules and restrictions but the activists continue to push on. Once the whole “trans student” issue is conquered, why not shoot for something else?

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An entire community of “furries” already exists. These are people who identify as animals. They wear complete “furry” suits that essentially make them look like giant Disney characterizations of the animal that they identify as. A parent and also a local GOP representative somewhere in Michigan complained about the school leaving kitty litter boxes in the bathroom for “furry” kids to relieve themselves. This story was immediately cast away as false by the local school board. However, the fact that it was ever believed for more than a moment lets us know that such a thing is within the realm of possibility. And that is most certainly a pitiful realization of public K-12 schools in the United States of America.

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