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WATCH – Two Women Attack Young Man On Elevator Over Mask Dispute

A cell phone video surfaced online of two elderly white women getting into a screaming match with a black man apparently over his mask. The women were recording with their phones and the video in question was recorded by the young man. They were on an elevator and the dispute over masking caused both sides to tell the other to get out. The women probably did not want him on the elevator because of his mask. The young man most likely counteracted their request by telling them to get off if they are so afraid of him. Drama on the elevator escalated until one of the women hit the young man by swinging her arm with her phone in it and making contact with him. She followed that up by strangely shouting “Black Lives Matter!” It was a very strange scene, to say the least.

Both women had on large masks that appear to be more than the simple cloth mask. Something along the lines of N95. They probably have all of their shots as well. The altercation most likely happened due to fear-mongering driven by the mainstream media and politicians. Elevator and subway attacks featuring men seriously injuring women are on the rise throughout the nation’s liberal cities. Especially in places like New York. It is not clear where this altercation happened, however, the women were playing a dangerous game. Not only did they endanger themselves they also endangered the young man. If someone were to come upon them having a physical dispute on the elevator, the young man may be identified as the aggressor. Not much good would come from that.

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VIDEO: ‘Elevator Karens’ Scuffle With Unmasked Black Man While Inexplicably Yelling ‘Black Lives Matter’ | EURweb

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