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Team Stacey Abrams Responds To Viral Maskless Photo

Former Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is back in the spotlight due to a picture her team tweeted (then deleted) of her without a mask sitting with a room full of masked school children. The picture was taken during an event at a Decatur, Georgia elementary school. Not only were the children masked, but adult staff members were also masked. For context, Decatur is within the “perimeter” of Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is notorious for being a place dominated by the Democratic Party surrounded by a sea of red.

Abrams is just as much of a Democratic politician as anyone else in power in Atlanta is. She has spoken out in favor of masking, lockdowns, virtual learning, and all the other virus-related regulatory measures. All of that now comes into question with this picture that has pretty much gone viral. The obvious question here is… if Stacey Abrams “trusts the science” behind masks and lockdowns, why isn’t she wearing a mask? The setting makes it that much more of an obvious question to ask because of all the very young children wearing face coverings.

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The response coming from Stacey Abrams’s team is surprising to those who have not been paying to politics. To everyone else, however, the statement is pretty much on par. Abrams’s team immediately invoked the fact that the event in which the picture was taken was for Black History Month. This has absolutely nothing to do with the original question… but whatever. Her team also took time to attack Trump and other politicians in Georgia. Again, this information is completely unrelated to the original question. All that was eventually revealed that related to the issue of an unmasked Stacey Abrams is that she *did* wear a mask, but she took it off for teachers at home on zoom and for the photo op.

If Stacey Abrams truly “trusts the science” and believes in masks, lockdowns, mandates, etc… then another question must be asked. Does she only believe in “the science” depending upon the circumstance? Surely “the science” must still apply when speaking to teachers on zoom or when posing for a photograph. It must also apply to other leaders such as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who is also in favor of very stringent virus policies but was also recently photographed maskless with Magic Johnson. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, London Breed, and a host of other celebrity politicians have done the exact same thing as Stacey Abrams while being a hypocrite just like her. And at a certain point, the masses of people will have no other choice than to wake up and realize that all of this is unnecessary nonsense.


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