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Chinese Security Pulls Dutch Reporter Off Of Live TV During Olympics Coverage

A now-viral video shows a Chinese security officer physically removing a Dutch reporter from his location during live coverage of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The reporter was on a street corner in Peking doing a live “hit”. He was not physically on the road or sidewalk. There was a grassy area close to the street and sidewalk that he stood on while reporting. Seemingly out of nowhere, a Chinese security officer with a red armband appears on camera and begins to physically move the reporter from the spot he was standing.

All of the dialogue between the two men and the reporter back in the Netherlands was either in Dutch or Mandarin Chinese. According to China expert and former U.S. intelligence official Jack Posobiec, the Chinese man was telling him to move and “come this way”. The Dutchman apparently understood some Mandarin as he spoke back to him. Several reports say the reporter told the security officer “just a minute, I’m on-air”. He also told his colleague in the Netherlands that “he had been told to move once before” and that “he was being moved again”. There is no word on the reason for this interaction.

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People have expressed shock and disbelief that a country would treat visitors this way. To those who are actually familiar with China, this sort of behavior is nothing new. The Chinese Security force the man was apparently part of is totally volunteer, although they are registered and regulated by the CCP. There are thousands of them. It is no surprise that one of these guards interacted with the Dutch reporter on the street. Many people familiar with China would say that any white man with a camera on the streets in China is seen as a spy.

This incident comes on the heels of several athletes pledging to protest this year’s Olympic Games. These athletes (and some entire nations) cite China’s human rights abuses as the chief reason why they are boycotting the games. Then there is the lack of privacy and spying. Athletes have been officially warned to use “burner” devices (meaning, small electronics like cell phones that cannot be tracked and are easily disposable). The reason for this advisory is because of China’s notorious record of stealing personal data from internet users in their country.

Nancy Pelosi issued a recommendation for athletes to refrain from speaking out about China while over there during the Olympics. This comment was immediately pounced on by several in the media, especially conservative voices. The problem with the attack on Pelosi for her comments is that she is not incorrect. Speaking out against the CCP while in Beijing can be very dangerous. Especially for a small satellite state like Cambodia or something like it. They don’t have much leverage to go up against a beast like China. The U.S., on the other hand, does. The problem with an athlete from the U.S. challenging China is the issues that will cause later down the line for the U.S., not even the athlete themselves.

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