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Terry Crews Apologizes For Two-Year-Old BLM Tweets On “The Daily Show”

Hollywood actor Terry Crews recently apologized for his tweets about Black Lives Matter from back in 2020. The “Everybody Hates Chris” actor appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to speak about a few things. He took time out of his appearance to directly apologize for his tweets about BLM that were posted around the time of George Floyd’s death. Crews wanted to reach out to those who were negatively affected by his comments back then. This is sort of a confusing stance to take since doubled and triple down on his statements back in 2020. Crews made sure he was not offending anyone back then with his words, stating that his tweets came from a place of love and wanting the best for black people. Nevertheless, the pressure of Hollywood may have become too much for Crews and his family to bear, so he folded up like a cheap suit falling off the rack in JCPenney.


Terry Crews apologizes for controversial BLM tweets: ‘I really do want to apologize to anybody who was offended’

What Did Terry Crews Tweet? His Apology, Explained

Terry Crews Apologizes for Those Black Lives Matter Tweets

Terry Crews admits controversial Black Lives Matter tweets were a mistake: ‘I really do want to apologize’

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  1. As we are constantly seeing in the news, these BLM “leaders” are being busted left and right for fraud and misuse of donation funds like a personal expense account, buying new suits, cars, yachts, mansions, guns, strippers, drugs, you name it. BLM is nothing more than a bunch of street hustlin ex-felon gang scum MLM ponzi pyramid scheming Buffalo Soldier hypocrites. Apologizing?! pfff.. how pathetic is that.

  2. Awe poor baby… youve been outed and the truth hurts. Boo hoo. Go back to your lil safe space shit snowflake.


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