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Texas Bans Certain Instagram Filters Due To National Security Concerns

Texas and Illinois have banned certain Instagram filters from being used in their respective states. Instagram influencers have made their voices of discontent heard due to the inconvenience this causes. One specific female influencer from Dallas says that banning IG filters prevents her from recording videos daily. Rather than applying a full face of makeup before shooting a video, she could just throw on a filter. But that is not necessarily possible now because of the state ban on filters. The issue with the outrage from influencers is that not all filters are banned in Texas and Illinois and the reason for the ban is much more important than trying to be pretty for an Instagram post.

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, sued the parent company of Instagram and Facebook “Meta” over these filters due to security concerns. The issue is that some IG filters actually map the user’s face and store the data on external servers. This data could be anywhere, including in adversarial countries like China. This data can (and most likely, will) be used in facial recognition software. If an Instagram user applies these filters to their face and their facial map data is stored in a country like China, then that country can build an extensive profile on the user. They usually have the person’s name and address from public records if that person has not lobbied to get that information removed from public access. Then they have several pictures, videos, facial map data, and the list goes on. If the user decides to travel to China, or one of their many satellite countries, the user is already known before they arrive.

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