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Chip Roy Destroys The $40 Billion Ukraine Aide Package

Chip Roy, the US House Rep from Texas, destroyed the idea of sending a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. Roy let his frustrations with the rushed bill out on the House floor. He said that staffers are attempting to pour through the pages of the hefty bill to see what’s in it. This is a common tactic of the Federal Government. They slap thousands of pages on Congressmen’s desks and expect them to vote on them in a day or two. This is a ridiculous practice that should cease. It is clearly done to coerce Congressmen to vote on a particular thing with all sorts of hidden goodies inside for the friends of those who advocated for the bill in the first place.


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  1. Amen to that! I mean its not as if $40,000,000,000. dollars could do any good on our own soil or anything. You know like as in helping NON-criminal record law abiding drug-free not on any type of govt assistance tax paying working (and retired elderly) natural born citizens “living” paycheck to paycheck (or cheap ass social security check to check).. Nah. Lets pretend to send cash to Ukraine where we have our biolabs and black sites and enrich our sub contractor scumbag cronies and their fake offshore companies who in return will fund our reelections and post political career retirement hobby careers, off the books. USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! YES! Get’n mine! Pathetic. 21st century America sucks!!! And heres the proof.


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