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Texas Man Pauses Date To Shoot And Kill Fake Parking Lot Attendant

Erick Aguirre paused his date at a Houston, Texas burger joint to go commit a heinous crime against a fake parking lot attendant. The man pulled up to the restaurant and was approached by a man who asked him for $40 to park. Aguirre and his date entered the restaurant and began to eat. After a short while, one of the waitstaff approached Aguirre and informed him that there was a man in the parking lot ripping people off. This enraged Aguirre. At a certain point, he “paused” the date to go outside. He went to get his pistol and that’s when things fell completely apart.

Aguirre chased the parking lot scammer down with his gun. He eventually caught up to the man and proceeded to shoot and kill him. The 29-year-old Aguirre was somehow able to return to his date as if nothing happened. The woman he was with later said she noticed he was upset when he “paused” the date, but she had no idea that he had gone to kill him. They left the “Rodeo Goat” burger restaurant shortly after and continued their date hours into the night.

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Texas law, as is most likely the case in every state, does not permit an individual to shoot and kill someone just because they were ripped off. Two days after the long date and heinous crime that occurred, Aguirre’s date contacted police after she saw photos of the two on Crime Stoppers. Aguirre was subsequently arrested and jailed, where he remains.


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