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The Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect Does Not Fit The Narrative

A mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado outside of a grocery store left 10 people dead including a police officer. The suspect was captured on the scene with what appears to be a bullet wound on his leg. Before the identity of the shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, was revealed, mainstream media types and a spattering of left-wing politicos crafted their own narrative around who the shooter may be and why he was not killed upon his capture as other non-white people have.

It can be argued that the reason this story has garnered any mainstream attention is because of the presumption of the shooter being a white male. There are so many different ways to capitalize off of that type of tragedy. It can be combined with the Atlanta shootings to promote the idea that white people are the most dangerous people in America which is a very popular talking point on platforms like CNN. Another way the left-wing media and some leftist politicos could capitalize on this is the gun control argument. Joe Biden instantly got out in front of cameras and pushed for tighter regulation of “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines”.

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Some of the very same people who instantly jumped to using this story to prove their anti-white-male and anti-gun narrative expressed a certain level of disappointment that the shooter was not white. Syria is physically located in Asia, so the shooter is actually Asian. If an Asian person kills ten people and is not white, how can that be combined with the story of a white male who killed six Asians? It can’t. Actually, it’s nearly considered racist to report on stories of nonwhites committing violence. The most likely route for all left-wing opportunists who jumped on this story is to go radio-silent for a day or so and let the story go away.


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