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Joe Biden Moves To Ban “Assault Weapons” Immediately After Colorado

President Joe Biden appeared on television almost instantly after the Colorado shooting to promote bills that would ban assault weapons and also pass tighter gun control measures. Enhanced background checks resulting in overall longer wait times to legally purchase guns would come as a result of the measures that Joe Biden is pushing. One obvious thing that Biden did not do in his brief address to the media was specifically define exactly what an “assault weapon” is. The easy go-to answer here from gun control advocates is the “AR-15 Rifle”, but the Colorado shooter had a pistol.

Gun control simply does not work and, in many ways, these measures violate the Second Amendment. First of all, gun control only applies to law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow laws and they’ll obtain and possess firearms regardless of what the law says they can’t. Second, the Second Amendment was written specifically for the purposes of free people remaining free. Taking a look around the world in countries with the strictest forms of government (like China) there are also very strict gun laws. Why? Because defenseless people are easier to bully around and control.

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Proponents of gun control tend to bring up other mass shootings that have happened with the dreaded AR-15-style rifle. What they don’t bring up is that rifle killings in the United States are far below people being beat to death with hands and feet. Both of the aforementioned causes of violent death are also much lower than knife violence resulting in death. The overwhelming causes of gun death are handguns from inner-city black-on-black violence. Trying to control the behavior of black people is not a politically advantageous thing to do, neither is banning the most popular style of weapon (the handgun). So the lowest hanging fruit (the rifle) is shown to the world as the glaring problem with all violence in the United States.


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