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The Disinformation Governance Board aka “Ministry Of Truth” Shuts Down After Just Three Weeks

The Disinformation Governance Board, also known as “The Ministry of Truth” from the book “1984”, has fallen apart after just three weeks of existence. The former head of the board, Nina Jankowicz, stepped down from her position after it was announced that the board simply “paused” operation. The newly-appointed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says that the “work” the board engages in will carry on through the Department of Homeland Security. Certain news publications say the board has dissolved while others say the board is simply paused. Ultimately, it looks like the board has ceased to function just as quickly as it was announced.

Karine Jean-Pierre blamed the “pause” of the Disinformation Governance Board on “external” factors. She did not name anyone or anything specifically, but she was probably referring to journalist and former deep-state operative Jack Posobiec. What Jack did was reveal damaging information about Nina Janckowicz. There were two big stories that Jankowicz got totally wrong before she became head of the Disinformation Governance Board. She was all-in on the Trump/Russia collusion story which was proven false years ago. Jankowicz was also in the crowd of thought who believed the Hunter Biden laptop drama was fake and simply a tool of the Trump campaign. Obviously, she was wrong. Then, there is her social media presence, especially TikTok. Nina Jankowicz is simply a problematic person who has no business heading up a board with such importance.

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The Disinformation Governance Board was supposedly tasked with the goal of seeking out misinformation online. This is what earned them the nickname “Ministry of Truth” because that organization had a similar “stated” goal in 1984. Although their stated goal sounded admirable, their actual objective was to censor information from the American people. The American Government is currently notorious for attempting to shield and/or shape information in a way that favors themselves even if the American people are misled. Nina Jankowicz’s own recent past and current beliefs do not dispel any stereotypes or fears about the overreach of the American Government. The department’s personnel and mission were doomed to fail from the beginning.


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