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The Elites Did Not “Rig” The Election… They “Fortified” It

Time Magazine released an article illustrating the way in which the elites did not “rig” the election, but how they fortified it. The specific word “fortified” was used as a catch-all term to include all of the different ways the elites interfered with and/or participated in the election. For months after the November 2020 Presidential Election, countless conservative voices have been silenced online for claiming election fraud or that the race was rigged. But now that the elites are echoing many of the sentiments that were made and censored months ago, what will the reaction be?

As many people on the right and some on the left suspect, mainstream media was manipulated by elite forces, whoever those may be. The Time Magazine article uses the term “fortify” to show that they strengthened the Democratic process. But what they truly did was shape the Democratic process in a way that best fits their own vision. An obvious example is how universal vote-by-mail was pushed by mainstream media. The elites somehow think this strengthens the voting process, but in reality, it does not. How does a system of random ballots being placed in the mail with no identity requirements strengthen the election? It doesn’t.

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Speaking of universal mail-in-voting, the elites lobbied heavily to get voting laws changed at the zero-hour. Many states went from in-person ballots and absentee voting when necessary to universal-mail-in ballots. Absentee ballots make sense because the voter must request them and there is an identification process. And there are already systems in place to deal with absentee voting. Universal mail-in balloting refers to cities and/or states indiscriminately sending ballots to every voter with an address who is registered. Obviously, some of these ballots will be sent to dead people and/or the wrong address. Large cities across the nation did not have systems prepared for the massive volume of a universal mail-in ballot Presidential election and some initially failed.

The Time Magazine piece reeks of the “elites” rubbing their “victory” in the faces of the masses that they defeated. These “elite” people know that conservative voices have been ringing the alarm of powerful forces making things happen behind the scenes for years now. And now, they basically admit everything in a sort of… condescending way. As if nothing can happen to them because they control every avenue of discipline that is truly available that would make a negative difference in their lives. But what they don’t understand is that time is a precious resource and it is limited. Soon enough, their time will be over and others will take their place. This is no provocation of violence. Far from it. This is the natural order of things. Great empires come and go as do people in control.


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