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The New Owner Of Miss Universe Is Being Praised By Feminists For A Very Specific Reason

The new owner of the Miss Universe competition is a person by the name of Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. This person is being praised by feminists and other women-centric people as a shining accomplishment. Jakrajutatip is the first female owner of Miss Universe. There is just, of course, one catch. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip is a transgender person who was born biologically male. Jakrajutatip gave a speech at the recent 2023 Miss Universe competition to praise “her” own accomplishment. The mostly-female audience could be seen cheering nearly uncontrollably.

This “accomplishment” is yet another “heroic” action done by ultra-progressive people who invade women’s spaces. Lia Thomas “became” a woman after competing as a man for UPenn for three years. Thomas went from being dominated by the men in rankings to dominating women in the rankings. Amy Schneider has the accomplishment of being the first woman to win one million dollars on Jeopardy. Amy was also born male. At this rate, there won’t be many more exclusive and special spaces that allow women to shine.

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