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TikTok Mom Exposes Her Husband In Viral Video; It Backfires

A stay-at-home mom with small children is regretting the decision she made to expose her husband in a now-viral video. The woman initially made videos accusing her husband of cheating on her during a business trip to Las Vegas. The videos racked up tons of views, went viral, and earned the mother a lot of support from women who could relate to her story. With that level of attention, however, is a dark side. The mother did not anticipate the amount of anger she stoked in people who empathized with her.

People were able to find the husband through his Facebook page. Ultimately, these same people also found out where the husband works. Now, her husband’s job is being inundated with calls attempting to get him fired. If they are successful, this would be devastating to the TikTok mom because she does not work and her husband is the only breadwinner in the household. Her attempt to gain social media fame by “exposing” her husband, instead of simply talking to him about it, has turned her life upside down.

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