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Tim Pool “Swatted” Live On Air With Brandon Tatum

Popular podcast host Tim Pool was swatted during a live taping of his podcast alongside fellow YouTuber Brandon Tatum. Footage of the actual swatting doesn’t seem to exist anywhere online as of the writing of this article. Tim Pool, Brandon Tatum, and other co-hosts/employees of the podcast weighed in on what happened immediately afterward. They said that officers came in and looked around but there was no aggression. Pool later said there were about six vehicles outside. However, only two officers actually entered the building during the podcast. Nobody was hurt in the process of the “swatting”. Other incidents, however, have not ended so well.

Many YouTubers have fallen victim to swatting. The purpose of the so-called “pranksters” (actually criminal harassers) is to make a false allegation against a popular YouTuber to provoke their local authorities to visit their homes. In the case of Tim Pool, someone called the police and said something about people that had been shot and/or killed at his home. Obviously, the police will come out and investigate this situation.

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Pool didn’t like the fact that two officers came into the home, saying they should have had a warrant first. But as Brandon Tatum suggested live on the show, police, in this case, have what is called exigent circumstances. This means they can enter a building, dwelling, residence, etc without a warrant because factors that require immediate attention were met. A situation with potentially dead bodies most certainly meets the criteria of exigent circumstances.


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