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Trans Man Shows Signs Of Buyers Remorse Doesn’t Like Life As A Man

A video of a biological woman who identifies as a trans male has gone viral due to some interesting revelations. The person says life as a man is not easy and quite lonely. Women tend to have an easier time developing and maintaining friendships with women due to their collaborative and social nature. Typically, men do not operate in that fashion. Men are more likely to thrive in environments where they can innovate unique solutions to problems on their own instead of receiving instructions. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule… such as the military. Even still, the people issuing out orders and devising methods of attack are going to be male.


Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “This is really sad. Trans man realizes how hard it is to be a man when you’re really a woman. Males and females are different and no matter what you do to your body, you can’t be the opposite sex.” / Twitter

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