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Trans Person Banned From Women’s Only Gym In Canada Speaks Out

A trans person from British Columbia, Canada attempted to join a women’s only gym near a beach in Parksville, BC. After one session, the gym informed this person that they would no longer be welcome at that location. The gym suggested this person, who goes by Brigid, join the co-ed location. Since Brigid identifies as a female, this was unexpected news. Local news interviewed Brigid for a reaction, and the keyword that was spoken was “devastated”. However, this may not necessarily be a true reaction. Other instances similar to this have happened in the Western World, and there is often an ulterior motive attached.


Transgender woman says she’s ‘devastated’ after being BANNED from female-only gym | Daily Mail Online

A transgender woman from Parksville said she couldn’t use a women-only gym – BC News

Parksville transgender woman told she can’t use women only gym

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