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Trans UPenn Swimmer Allegedly Making Female Teammates Uncomfortable

Teammates of UPenn trans swimmer Lia Thomas are concerned about her “package” in the locker room. It is important to back up a little bit here to give this situation proper context. Lia Thomas is a biological XY male who now identifies as a woman. She was born Will Thomas and competed against men while on the men’s swim team also at UPenn for at least two years before transitioning. Thomas has not had sex-change surgery at all and still claims to be attracted to women. This obviously causes a problem when Thomas is in the locker room with biological XX women in various states of undress.

The issue of Lia Thomas competing against biological women has already been addressed ad nauseam. It is clearly unfair. Men and women compete separately due to the inherent advantages and disadvantages each gender has when competing against the other. For example, women have an advantage when it comes to certain types of gymnastics due to their often smaller sizes and greater flexibility. Men have clear advantages when it comes to anything strength and endurance-related. Just because Lia Thomas identifies as female does not remove these biological advantages.

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Aside from the obvious problems biological women face when attempting to compete against biological men is the locker room situation. If Lia Thomas still has his penis and exposes himself to women without their consent, this should be called sexual harassment. In any other sane area of society, this would not be a topic for debate. But since “wokeness” has interested with women’s rights, a clear case of sexual harassment has become unclear. The “woke” mob declares any negative viewpoint of Lia Thomas as some sort of heresy punishable by whatever the court of public opinion deems as necessary punishment.

However, the women negatively affected by this do not subscribe to whatever the “woke” mafia says. They still feel unsafe regardless of what they are told to think and feel. Many of these women will not speak out for fear of retribution. But these situations can only persist for so long until the domino effect happens when one or more women publicly speak out. Transgender “women” or “men” should be able to compete in athletics but not with the biological gender that they are not. They should compete against their same biological gender or with others who also identify as trans. This is not something that should be done in a mean-spirited or hateful way. It is all about being fair for everyone, not just the handful of people who identify as trans.


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