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MSNBC Anchors Refer To Canadian Trucker Convoy Protest As A Cult

MSNBC anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski referred to the Canadian trucker convoy protest as a “cult” live on air. Their comments come after thousands of Canadians took to the streets of the Capital city of Ottowa, Ontario. Their purpose was to protest the country’s seemingly endless list of mandates and restrictions related to the virus. Truckers from all around the area lined up on roads in and near Ottowa to form what some view as the largest convoy ever.

A couple of knuckleheads out of the thousands of protesters showed up with racially charged paraphernalia. One statute in Ottowa was “defaced”. The “defacing” consisted of some chalky substance on the statue’s base, an upside-down Canadian flag in its hand, and a “resist mandates” sign on its chest. These things were enough for the media to cast everyone in attendance in a negative light. Which, of course, is totally false. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if the handful of miscreants who attended the protest were planted by opposing forces to give the media something negative to write about instead of the actual legitimate purpose of the protest.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has conveniently tested positive for the virus recently. It is not clear if he is still in the Capital city of Ottowa. If he left the Capital to “isolate” in some random, non-descript location, that wouldn’t surprise anyone. Trudeau actually appeared on camera from the more-than-likely non-disclosed location to speak out against the trucker convoy protest. However, he did speak highly of protests he agrees with, such as Black Lives Matter “rallies” that often descend into chaos.

BLM riots often feature very “racially-charged” people and statements as well as property damage including (but not limited to) the desecration of monuments. The carnage that BLM has wreaked all over North America and other parts of the world goes largely ignored by the mainstream media. This is because the narrative that BLM pushes is agreed upon by the majority of mainstream media. The only reason why the trucker convoy protest is covered in a negative way is that they are against all the ridiculous virus protocols that leaders of Government don’t even follow themselves. Because if more people begin to wake up and see how ridiculous the Government’s rules are, then maybe they won’t follow Government much at all anymore. And the establishment cannot have that.


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