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Travel Nurse Causes Wreck That Kills At Least Six People In Los Angeles

A travel nurse named Nicole Linton caused a massive car crash in Los Angeles, California that claimed the lives of at least six people. Linton drove in excess of 100 miles per hour in a Los Angeles neighborhood with a posted 35 mph speed limit. This out-of-control speed caused Linton to barrel directly into an intersection and collide with several other vehicles. At least two of the other cars caught on fire immediately. Nicole Linton, miraculously, survived with just minor injuries. Others were not so lucky. An entire family is among the deceased, including two small children and an unborn baby.

Early reports say that the woman, who lives in Houston, Texas, was under the influence of alcohol at the time. That report has not been substantiated with any fact. Another rumor says that this incident was a suicide attempt over a failed relationship with someone. That has not been proven true either. What has been proven is that Linton has an extensive record of mental health challenges. She also has 13 other car crashes on her record, according to California Highway Patrol. This woman was clearly unstable and did not belong behind the wheel of any vehicle.

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