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US Senators Move To Pass The “RAP Act” To Prevent Rapper Lyrics From Being Used As Evidence In Court

Congressmen Jamaal Bowman and Hank Johnson have introduced the “RAP Act” in an effort to prevent lyrics from being used as evidence. The bill is written in a way to protect the creativity and “free speech” of all recording artists. However, this bill clearly has the intent of protecting rappers. Two rappers from Atlanta, Young Thug and Gunna, were recently locked up as part of a RICO investigation.

Young Thug’s “YSL” record label/gang is accused of being involved with 50 murders in the Atlanta area. Lyrics from the record label’s music were presented in court as part of the case against the gang. This is apparently an inappropriate thing to do, some even consider it “racist”. However, it is doubtful that the families of the alleged victims of YSL would care too much about the political posturing of black Democrats who don’t do much other than showboat for votes every couple of years.

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