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Trump Accused Of Threatening Violence Over The Term “Bloodbath”

Mainstream media had a collective meltdown after President Trump used the term “bloodbath” during a rally in Dayton, Ohio. Trump stated that there would be a bloodbath in the event he was not elected, referring to the consequences the auto industry would face. In the full context clip, Trump promised a 100% tariff on vehicles coming into the United States from Mexico. The “bloodbath” comment refers to the economic fallout if he was not elected to enact the tariffs.

Mainstream media did not waste the opportunity to accuse Donald Trump of threatening political violence in the event he did not win the 2024 election. Joe Scarborough said the “economic” excuse was “bull sh**” during a live taping of Joe & Mika in the Morning on MSNBC. Joe also posted a tweet to double down on this point with a video of the January 6th riot, saying that Trump wanted a repeat of those events if he lost. Elon Musk responded to Joe by saying Trump was talking about the auto industry. Joe deleted his tweet shortly after Musk’s response.

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