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Chicago Man Checks Woman Complaining Over Migrant Crisis

A video floating around the internet shows a Chicago man responding to a woman complaining about the migrant crisis. The video clip comes from the TOTB Podcast (Thinking Outside The Box). They record in front of a live audience. During a Q&A segment, a young lady took to the microphone to answer a couple of issues brought up during the show. The first issue was about a dating problem that was brought up, and the second was about the migrant crisis.

Chicago has famously been battered by the wave of migrants coming from the wide open Southern Border. There have been countless City Council meetings disrupted by local protesters who are upset with migrants taking over parts of their communities.

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The woman from the TOTB podcast blamed Congress for refusing to release money to combat the migrant crisis. One of the TOTB panelists heard her out and then asked her one essential question: “Who did you vote for?” She hesitated for a minute and finally admitted that she voted for Joe Biden. The man, rightfully so, told her that the ongoing crisis was, in fact, her fault.


I Meme Therefore I Am 🇺🇸 on X: “A truth bomb explodes as a man reveals who’s truly to blame for the migrant crisis in Chicago! Source: Totbshow, YouTube https://t.co/ew1JqFFEQI” / X

TOTB Ep43 “The Migrant Crisis” – YouTube

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