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Trump Attacks Vivek Ramaswamy On Truth Social Over Disloyalty To MAGA Movement

President Donald Trump attacked Vivek Ramaswamy on Truth Social over not being true “MAGA” as many say that he purports himself to be. Trump stated that Vivek is a sly person who has run a “deceitful” campaign. In addition to a couple of posts on his social media website, Trump wore a white hat to a recent event in Iowa just before the Caucuses. Some say wearing the white hat instead of a red one was a knock to Vivek, who often wears that color hat.

There appears to be division over Trump’s remarks among political people online. Some agree with Trump that Vivek is a “sly” person. Many have even taken it a step further to say that Vivek is a snake. Others say that Vivek is a great candidate who has run a quality campaign above any other candidate aside from Trump himself. There is, of course, the minority of popular online conservatives who say they are going to vote for Vivek in the primary, and Trump’s words do not have any impact on them.

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