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Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis Alleges Racism In Response To Corruption Allegations

Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta) District Attorney Fani Willis appears to blame racism for the allegations against her. Willis is accused of improperly hiring Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor in the election interference case against Donald Trump and many others. The allegation is that Willis and Wade have a romantic relationship that started before she brought him on board in November 2021. Their relationship is the basis for a series of improprieties that could rise to criminality depending on what can be proven in court.

Wade does not have much experience in cases of this type or magnitude. As of November 2021, he was a municipal court judge, mainly handling traffic tickets. He also practiced family law and handled contractual disputes. Wade has been paid over $650,000 since January 2022. This money was approved and signed off on by Fani Willis. According to court filings, the two have been vacationing around the country, including trips to wineries and cruises in the Bahamas. Wade is also married. Wade or his wife filed for divorce the day after Willis brought him on. His divorce has been back and forth in court since then.

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When the allegations against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade were brought about earlier this month, Fani was summoned to a deposition hearing in Wade’s divorce. Suppose the allegations against Fani and Wade are purely about racism, as Fani suggested during a recent church service. In that case, it doesn’t make sense for Wade’s wife’s lawyers to drag her into legal proceedings. Where there’s smoke, there may also be fire.


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