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Trump Indicted Over Bogus Classified Documents Case As Biden Skates Free

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Miami over the “classified documents” scandal. This case is about documents that Trump had taken from the White House. Federal law typically states that Presidents have the power to do this. Even if the documents are classified, Presidents have the power to de-classify them without approval from outside entities. The current indictment seeks to nullify and/or redefine existing law that should have protected Trump in this situation.

Trump was in constant communication with the Government after he took the documents to his Mar-A-Lago home. They asked him to simply keep the documents in a secure location with a lock on the door. He complied with their request. However, the National Archive double-backed and requested the documents back. Trump refused their request due to the law being on his side. This sparked the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago in August of 2022.

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Donald Trump now faces indictment over the classified documents case that sparked the FBI raid back in 2022. A key part of the currently sealed indictment is an alleged phone call that took place in 2021. In that call, Trump reportedly stated that he had a classified document involving Iran that he was not able to declassify at that moment.

The Federal Government has never indicted a current or former President in the history of the United States. Trump responded to this in a four-minute video, essentially stating that the move is politically motivated. It is difficult to defeat that notion considering the simple fact that Biden’s Department of Justice is behind it. Biden and Trump are both front-runners in their respective political parties. If Biden’s DOJ is successful at getting Trump convicted on a federal charge, that would essentially destroy his Presidential campaign.

There is also the looming specter of allegations against Joe Biden. On the same day the Department of Justice indicted Donald Trump, news broke of a potential $5 million payment to Biden from Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian Energy Company. Biden’s son, Hunter, sat on the board of the company, racking up $80,000 per month without any prior experience in the energy sector at all. Hunter had also been discharged from the military after his addiction to crack cocaine was discovered before his appointment to the Burisma board. Hunter’s laptop scandal is involved here as well, with emails speaking about “10 for the big guy.” Biden is also under investigation by the FBI for his own mishandling of classified documents. That investigation appears to be dragging on with no end or penalty in sight.

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