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Trump Says The 2022 Midterm Election Results Were Not His Fault, Points To Abortion & McConnell

Former President Donald Trump says that the 2022 midterm election results were not his fault, but another issue was. Actually, Trump mentioned a couple of things that were to blame. The first reason for disappointing midterm results that Trump mentioned on Truth Social was abortion. Trump stated that after the Supreme Court did what many on the conservative side of politics wanted by eliminating Roe V. Wade, Republicans did not show up after that. Democrats, of course, showed up in droves. They also put their money where their mouths are, spending tens and/or hundreds of millions of dollars on the issue of abortion to rally their base. Trump says conservatives did not match this effort, especially financially. Speaking of finances, Trump pointed toward Mitch McConnell spending money foolishly – such as helping Lisa Murkowski win her house race in Alaska against another Republican instead of spending money to help win very tight races in the lower 48.

A lot of conservative voices want to blame Trump for tight races being lost. They say that if Trump did not push bad candidates like Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz to the front, then maybe those seats would be in Republican hands. Many people also state that Trump’s brand has become so toxic that anyone directly next to him suffers just the same as those who embraced Biden would suffer. There may be some truth to this sentiment but there is also truth behind what Trump stated as the reasons for Republicans underperforming during the midterms.

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The biggest problem here is a lack of modernization from the Republican Party. The same issue plagues Southwest Airlines. They had a catastrophic holiday week and weekend due to refusing to update their technology to meet current industry standards. The equivalent to Southwest’s problems can be found within the Republican Party in relation toward voting culture. Most conservative voters prefer to vote only on election day and not a day earlier. Mail-in ballots, early voting, drop-off voting on election day, and also the practice of ballot harvesting are all foreign to many conservatives. The problem with this mentality is that it almost guarantees a lower voter turnout for Republican voters simply becuase the other side has more opportunities to vote outside of one day.


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