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Trump Supporter Shot, Killed by ANTIFA in Portland; Mayor Blames Trump!

The most recent episode of violence in Portland, Oregon resulted in a Trump supporter named Jay Bishop being shot and killed. Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, and the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, both blame Trump and/or Trump supporters for the ongoing violence in the state. Kate Brown pointed the finger directly at “right-wing” vigilantes for the most recent episode of violence. Wheeler again took to his bully pulpit to specifically blame Trump for everything going wrong in Portland, refusing to take any personal responsibility.

Jay Bishop was a member of a group called “Patriot Prayer” which is a self-described Christian conservative organization. The media, along with Governor Kate Brown, describe them as a far-right extremist group. Kate Brown took it one step further and said it was the “far-right” coming to Portland that incited the violence which claimed the life of Jay Bishop, and not the hundreds of days of lawlessness in the city that had already claimed the lives of others. She quite literally blamed the victim while also avoiding responsibility just like Ted Wheeler.

Feckless Leader

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During Ted Wheeler’s anti-Trump soliloquy, he said that Trump is the reason for all of the violence in Portland. Wheeler says that the President’s history of “racist” and “divisive” statements fueled the proverbial (and literal) fire that is happening right now in Portland. But what Ted Wheeler neglects to mention is that not every city in the United States has had one hundred straight days of chaos like Portland. As a matter of fact, Portland is the only city in the country dealing with violence on a continued and consistent level. Why? It’s obvious that local leadership is the problem, not the Federal Government.

Trump continuously extends his hand to help Portland, and any other city with Federal resources to calm any issues of violence. Some cities accept the President’s help and they are able to improve their situations. But Ted Wheeler consistently refuses help. He even wrote a letter to the President and posted on Twitter detailing why he does not want the help. But at the same time, he gets on television and requests that the President support him. How is that a possible thing to do if any help that the President offers constantly gets rejected?

Reality Bytes

All of the violence on the left coast, and throughout the country, is perpetrated by left-wing mobs. But somehow the blame gets placed on Trump and conservatives. The same thing can be said about the general living conditions of underprivileged people in Democrat-run areas currently facing issues with Black Lives Matter (BLM) and/or ANTIFA mob rule. Citizens arming themselves are not the problem. Neither is the Republican party. It’s violent people who are enabled by the Democratic Party’s “defund the police” movement and a refusal to enforce law and order from top-level local Government.

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  1. ABL I don’t know if you realize the picture on the right is the friend that was with Anthony “JAY” Danielson. He was asked about this moment in an interview; He said was after he was first approached at the side of his friend who had just been murdered. He also said that the Police were actual quite understand. He even said that the police held his hand and tried to console him for some time after, of which he was greatly appreciative of. He was also seen at a rally yesterday afternoon in Camas Valley saying that there is never a desire for blood shed nor should there be.


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